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Frequently Asked Questions

Bakersfield’s Choice is a community platform meant to connect Bakersfield residents with local businesses in a meaningful way.

Bakersfield’s Choice offers a unique way to find local deals and discounts within the Bakersfield community. Inside of our smart phone app, you can find free giveaways, exclusive discounts to local businesses and more. You can also leave meaningful reviews to help other locals (including the business owners) know how your experience was as a consumer. As we expand, you will find more and more benefits coming from the app, so download it on the Apple app store or Google play store today!

Our app serves as both a local business directory and an advertising platform. As a business owner, you can share information about your business, offer special discounts in our Rewards section, and even run giveaways from the platform! Our software actually manages the selection of participants for you, so it’s super easy to do! You can sign up at