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User Login

To login to your newly created account, visit and enter your credentials.

If you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” feature, and our system will email you a password reset link. If you have trouble receiving your email, first check your spam folder, and then if you still have not received the email, you can chat with our support team and we will assist you..

Dashboard Overview

We’re bringing our local business owners a beautifully-designed dashboard to help facilitate all of your marketing efforts on our platform. From our dashboard, you can manage your business listings, giveaways, rewards discounts, reviews and more!

From the dashboard, you can also respond to customer inquiries, review statistics about visitors to your profile, reviews and leads.

Watch this video to learn more about our business dashboard!


Have something you want to share with the community? 

Create an announcement to blast it on your profile! Announcements have their own location on your profile, so they stand out when you create them! 

You can manage your announcements through your backend dashboard after logging in.


One of our favorite features is our events management system! You can create events and generate interest right from your dashboard.

Users can express interest in your event by clicking “interested” on the events page. 


Create special coupons to help attract people to your business! You can create unique coupons for users from your dashboard area. Just enter some basic information, and honor your promises when customers present them at your place of business.


Manage one or multiple listings from the dashboard. If you have more than business, you can create listings for each of them using the listings management tool.

Each listing can have it’s own plan, coupons and other features associated to it from a single dashboard!


When customers message you through the leads form on your profile, their messages will appear in your inbox folder. You will also receive a notification to the email address associated with your account.


Managed your subscriptions from your dashboard. You can pause or cancel subscriptions at any time.

Ad Campaigns

Using the ad campaign manager, you have the power to put your listing various places throughout the website. For example, you can pay per day to push your listing to the top of your category! Additionally, you can purchase space on the home page so you get found when people visit our platform!

Trust Badges

When you purchase a premium listing, we provide you with a trust badge you can place on your website, showing you’ve been verified by Bakersfield’s Choice! It’s a great way to build trust and improve branding!


What do people love? Free stuff! We’re providing a platform where you can gain exposure by offering giveaways to our users!

Just add your giveaway via your dashboard, set your timeline, and the system does the rest for you! Share your giveaway link on your social media and with your friends to get the word out! 


Join our Bakersfield’s Choice Rewards Program, and gain additional exposure via our platform! When you create a special discount for our members, you should up in our “Rewards” list, allowing people looking for discounts to find you! 

We also provide a “Bakersfield’s Choice Rewards” sticker and stand for your retail shop, so people know you participate!

Jobs Listings

It’s hard to find good help these days! List your open positions via Bakersfield’s Choice, and put your job in front of thousands of Bakersfield residents! 

What better way is there to find the right people?