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The Art of Ken Williams: Myth and Monsters Opening Event

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February 16, 2024 Categories: Visual Arts


The Art of Ken Williams:

Myth and Monsters will be the first opportunity Bakersfield locals will have to visit an exclusive gallery for esteemed Hometown artist Ken Williams. The Bakersfield School of Arts and Music invites its followers and friends for a special launch happening February 3rd, 2024 at 4:30pm. The gallery, made possible by Jasmine Gail Tatman, owner of “The Dream Studio” will run through February at 3101 Sillect Avenue, Bakersfield California, Just down the street from The Bakersfield Sign and the Crystal Palace. The Bakersfield School of Art and Music encourages all residents to visit this invaluable event as it enriches art awareness and highlights the talent in our community.

About the Artist:

Ken Williams is a Bakersfield Native who transformed 30 years of art practice into a decade-long career spanning from Fresno Conventions to the Los Angeles Comic-con. His work has been shown at The Bakersfield Museum, The Top Hat Art Collective, and Project OH! Ken has spent time with giants in the comic book industry like Todd McFarlane (Spawn, Spider-Man), Danny Miki (Batman, Spawn) Bernie Wrightson (Swamp Thing, Frankenstein), Kenneth Rocafort (Red Hood and the Outlaws, The Ultimates), and Brian Haberline (Witchblade, The Darkness) and is mentored by the venerable Alex Castaneda.

About the Gallery:

Exploring mythologies and monsters, Kenneth Williams work delves into timeless narratives that echo humanity’s collective experiences. These works represents stories of entertainment, lessons found in life, and cautionary tales. Mythologies are enduring dialogue of humanity spanning millennia. They are our actions, reactions, thoughts, hopes, and fears. Monsters can cause us to proceed with caution for self-preservation. They can also have us look internally to confront our demons. They do not exist, yet exist in every culture at every age. This series explores those histories, myths, and monsters.

Event start Date Fri, Feb 16, 4:30 PM
Event End Date Thu, Feb 29,


3101 Sillect Avenue, Bakersfield, CA, USA