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April 6, 2024 Categories: Music


APRIL 20, 2024 | 7:00 PM –11:00 PM

Featuring Acidez


Punk rock like abuela used to make!

Piñata Protest is a “Tex-Mex punk” band from San Antonio, TX. Their self described sound and attitude arises from the two counter-clashing worlds that the band embraces: punk and Tex-Mex.

Piñata Protest’s unique and catchy sound takes the traditional folk rhythms of Tex-Mex music (conjunto and norteño music that is native to the South-Texas and Nortern-Mexican region they originate from) along with the three-row button accordion and combine that with the fast tempos and attitude of punk rock, ska, and many other genres. Along with the use of traditional instruments and rhythms the band also sings in their regional mix of Spanish and English (or Spanglishas it’s called locally). Their songs lyrics cover a range of topics, from political topics close to the ethno-identities of the band, drinking, love, religion, and racism. Adding to their sonic performances is a lively and energetic live show that ignites crowds to mosh, skank, and twirl their dance partners.

Piñata Protest was founded by the Mexican-born singer, song writer, and accordionist Álvaro Del Norte. The band includes Regino Lopez on electric guitar and vocals, Richie Brown on electric bass and vocals, and Chris-Ruptive on drums. Other instruments such as the trumpet and güido are used in not only their studio recordings but their live performances as well.

TOTAL CHAOS: For the past 20+ years Pamona Valley, CA hooligans TOTAL CHAOS have been bringing their signature brand of punk rock n roll to the four corners of the earth. Created out of the desperate need to save the dying genre (at the time that the market was saturated with commercial power pop), Total Chaos brought the music back to it’s roots of rebellion, defiance and activism. Alongside a dedicated few other bands who believed in the wounded genre and all that it represented, the band created a forum to convey important political and social viewpoints. Total Chaos worked closely with many other like-minded individuals to start organizations such as UVP (United Valley Punks), OCP(Orange County Peace Punks) and AGC (Alternative Gathering Collective), staging huge social events like Food Not Bombs, giving support to the Big Mountain Indian Reservation and helping to open the Los Angeles Anarchist Center. The idea of social responsibility was a significant thing. From organizing peace punk picnics to protesting against the Gulf War- their music has meaning and stands for something.

ACIDEZ: Acidez is a Street Hardcore Punk Band From México making noise since 2003, with big influences of thrash Metal & D-beat

loving the beer and hating the rules.

Event start Date Sat, Apr 20, 7:00 PM
Event End Date Sat, Apr 20, 11:00 PM


The Nile Theater, 19th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, USA