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September 28, 2023 Categories:


Hear music from “Fat Mike” of NOFX in a new way – all strung out on violins, a cello, an upright bass! Including songs from NOFX, Cokie the Clown, and the musical Home Street Home.

Fatty has joined forces with his friend Baz The Frenchman to create an extraordinary project: Fat Mike Gets Strung Out. This album takes NOFX’s beloved tunes and transforms them into classical masterpieces. The album officially drops on Friday, September 15th, but you can hear the first song, “Fuck Day Six,” on all digital platforms. The album also includes “I’m A Rat,” which we previously dropped last month via our YouTube channel. For all digital folks out there, this pre-save link is for you. Check out what Fat Mike had to say about the project below.

Why make a strings album? It’s not because I always like to push my limits. It’s because I wanted to hear what my songs sound like without guitar chords and those pesky vocals and backup vocals. I wanted to hear every note in its purest form. I wanted a sad song to sound sad even though there are no words. I wanted to make something I thought my parents would play at a dinner party….well, if they were alive. I wanted to make something that would be liked by more than just punk fans. But mostly, I just wanted to have fun making an album I had never made before…And guess what, Baz and I are almost done with the next album. Fun!

Event start Date Thu, Oct 12, 6:30 PM
Event End Date Thu, Oct 12, 11:00 PM


The Historic Bakersfield Fox Theater 2001 H Street Bakersfield, CA 93301